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Just another ordinary day quickly transformed into what could have been the last day of my life. Things were going great; I was on the verge of getting the job I wanted and I was working on music for my album, when one day I was attacked, blindfolded, tied up, and brutalized for several hours. Even with severe damage to my internal organs, I somehow walked away from that situation and was eventually forced to deal with my life from a new perspective: "What if I am not physically able to do the things I once did?" "Should I get revenge for what was done to me?" "How do I move on from here?" "How can I trust anyone again?" "Why am I alive; what is my purpose?" With my book, Still Living: A Man's Perspective of Domestic Violence, I share my story to help you understand that no matter what has happened in your life, you are purposed to live. Whether you are dealing with guilt, shame, difficult circumstances, or fear, know that the sacrifice has already been made for your freedom. If you are still living, you are free and you are purposed to live. 

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